About DelaMaza Design

Digital Marketing adapted to vineyards

We provide the wineries with a complete range of services for the digital branding of your company, positioning your vineyards and products and attracting traffic to your website to sell more wine.

We are specialized in digital design for vineyard and wine brands.
With our unique and exclusive services we have solutions for vineyards in all stages of growth.

We are specialized in digital design for vineyard and wine brands.
With our unique and exclusive services we have solutions for vineyards in all stages of growth.

And in addition to web development, we offer the full range of digital services to increase your direct sales to the customers, including ecommerce consulting, label and packaging design, e-mail newsletters, digital advertising management and digital strategy.

About us

We are not a group of geeks playing with fashion technology.

Our work is focused on solving the communication problems of companies of any size, and make them sell more through the design.

With more than 25 years of experience, creating the most effective brands, beautiful wine labels and highly effective websites, we have provided excellent solutions to our customers and we have managed to capture the spirit of wine culture in brands.

We are passionate about our work. Our day-to-day is always on top of the most creative and efficient solutions that we can develop, communicating continuously with our customers. And, in the end, we have discovered a job we love to do and we live by it!

Watching what is coming

At DelaMaza Vineyard Design we started a few years ago to evolve towards the new technologies and we can offer our clients modern solutions to face the new challenges in digital marketing, applications for mobile devices and websites with great character to work splendidly in any mobile device, with exceptional functions.

How are the rates of the services?

Websites average $ 1,700 to $ 5,000 based on page counts and features.

Digital marketing, web optimization and creative media services are provided at one hour ($ 50 / hr) or fixed price.

We also offer customized rates based on specific needs for digital marketing and design services.

For a complete price list, click here.

What do not you do?

Generally we do not do or order print jobs such as brochures, stationery, cards, etc., although we offer the printing arts of what you need for your branding project.

We can also offer the design of other supports for public road, point of sale or for impressions of high dimensions, whenever it is a work based on your project.

Why should we hire DelaMaza Vineyard Design?

Currently, small digital advertising agencies or small computer companies lack in level of quality in such important disciplines as graphic design, user interface design (UI), usability or UX design, as well as professionals in Copywriting or the «art» of words to sell.

Small design studios generally do not rely on code specialists for web development or IT applications, and the more likely they are to hire their services, for example, for the development of their website, get a poor representation of what you need, developed with some free «builder».

Finally, large companies, together with a very high rate, will only provide «standard» and non-specialized plans, because «it comes with everything» and the work can be adapted to any item, such as sale of vehicles, industries, etc.

In the end, a non-professional job.

Who is responsible for the work done?

Our founding partner Fabricio M. de la Maza serves as project manager for all accounts. He will be your primary contact in all phases of your project. Fabricio can introduce you to other project managers depending on the type of work we are doing for you.

What can DelaMaza Design do for your vineyard?

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