Audit of the Digital Strategy

We can do a review of what you have done before to optimally start your new strategy.

To start working on your new online marketing strategy, we will analyze the status of your online presence, such as your website, all social network analytics, what the status of the online sales process is, and so on. And we will define the specific actions that must be taken to better reach consumers and improve sales.

To develop your digital marketing strategy, we will review.


Global Objectives

We will begin with clearly establishing your business goals, your history and your growth goals for the next few years.

Website design

We will do a complete audit of content and copyrighting, to search for the words «correct» and we will make recommendations to improve the experience of your website, its forms, use of the media, structure, navigation and user experience (UX).

Performance of your website

We will also review all technical aspects that include operating, including server speed, security, broken elements, compression, mobile responsiveness and caching.


We’ll look at Google Analytics data, including referrals that bring traffic to your site, conversion optimization, and goal setting.

Search Engine Optimization

It includes the maps of your website, complements of your site for SEO, tags, directories, structure of the URLs, etc.



We will take a close look at what you have done before, the goals achieved and based on this we will evaluate various digital advertising options to reach new consumers.

Social networks

We will include all social media activities and the specific strategies your vineyard needs to achieve its goals.

Email Marketing

We will review current email processes and what we can do to increase your sales with this powerful medium.

Getting Started

$ 500

To start this review, you must give us the basic information of your vineyard using the following form.

Later we will consult you with other questions and we will ask you for access to your different accounts. We will, however, provide you with a confidentiality agreement for your information.

The work will start immediately and you can count on your report in a week, after we have all the data.

Getting Started

After this detailed analysis of the current state of your digital presence we will deliver:

1. A comprehensive report (PDF) detailing point-by-point strengths and weaknesses of previously applied marketing.

2. The specific actions that must be taken to improve the weaknesses and achieve their goals, based on the resources of their internal team and that they can start themselves, if applicable.

3. A personalized proposal, designed for your specific needs and for the case of your vineyard, where we can manage all these tasks.

To get started, provide your basic winery information using the form below. We will continue with a more extensive list of questions and will also request access to various accounts of the winery.
You will be provided a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality of your information. The job will start immediately and your strategy report will be provided within a week.

* We assure the strict confidentiality of all your information

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