Digital Marketing Strategy for Vineyards

Digital Marketing Package

Service package designed to attract new consumers and dramatically increase your sales.
These services are tailored to the specific needs of your vineyard, your brand and product.
And they are planned in detail based on an earlier study and its particular evaluation..

We manage for your vineyard.

Online Advertising

Creation, development and management of digital advertising campaigns in social media, search engines and external websites. years.


We’ll look at Google Analytics data, including referrals that bring traffic to your site, conversion optimization, and goal setting.

Social networks

Creation of accounts, organic and paid advertising campaigns, graphic design and general media strategy for social networks.


Search engine optimization to increase a correct ranking and display in Google results.

Performance of your website

We will also review all technical aspects that include operating, including server speed, security, broken elements, compression, mobile responsiveness and caching.

Email Marketing

Creation, design and management of marketing campaigns via email on specialized platforms such as Mailchimp, Benchmark Mail, etc.

Website Updates

Regular content updates on your website, including upcoming events, news and general maintenance.


Product Datasheets

Creation and design of product cards, digital for viewing on screen, in PDF format or for printing.

Editing photos and videos

Editing service for photographic and video images, to finish with quality compositions and show your vineyard in an attractive and impressive way.



Creation and editing of persuasive texts to capture the attention of the user and guide him to take concrete action.


Digital Marketing Plan
Getting Started

$ 3.000

*Plan for at least 3 months

Creation and Editing of Copywriting
Creation Online Advertising
Email Marketing
Media Strategy for Social Networks
Integration of Landing Pages



Creating Magnets to Attract Customers
Website Updates
Performance of Your Websit
Seo Optimization
Integration with ecommerce systems
Custom contact forms
Integration in social media
Google Analytics Integration

* The final rate that will be charged will depend on your budget and the size of what you need
and the evaluation of Audit of the Digital Strategy

What do you have in mind for your vineyard?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the service?

The cost will vary depending on your specific needs.
After the evaluation of the Audit of the Digital Strategy we will have enough information to budget each job and obtain options of various prices to choose from.

What if we only need a couple of services, once?

We offer many of our services for eventual needs, with specific prices.
If you need a fixed rate service, we will charge you based on the time required and our normal hourly rate of $ 70 / h.
Contact us and let us discuss the details of your project.

How do we start?

First we catch up with your winery through the digital marketing audit ($ 500). You will be provided with a confidentiality agreement and a fill-in questionnaire to help us better understand your winery’s current position and goals. Your complete strategy inquiry will be provided in PDF format and will include full details on digital marketing tactics that must be taken to achieve your goals. Your internal team can use this information as an action plan, or you can outsource the tasks to DelaMaza Design through one of several personalized monthly retention packages.
Fill out the form and contact us!