Website Design for Vineyards

Website Design and Development
for Small and Large Wineries


Usually we use simple and minimal appearances, which are very useful and effective, allowing the correct visualization, with an outstanding presence of images, which is clearly advisable to convey a clear and solid message about your vineyard, its history and the value of their products.


WordPress is a highly customizable web platform and allows it to be extremely easy to update its content by the client, without the help of anyone else, in addition it has become the most powerful content management system (CMS) used by expert designers.


The websites we develop represent all our experience and passion for this discipline, but they must project the unique characteristics of your company or product.
We will be in charge of finding the most outstanding images, the most persuasive texts and the most coherent communication elements to correctly deliver the message of your brand and convey the spirit of your wines.


Practical management

You will no longer need to hire anyone else to update your website. We will develop your website in the WordPress content management system, allowing you to easily edit your site after launch.

Affordable services

It is probable that you will look with other companies for the services that we offer, then you will discover that their rates can exceed $ 10,000.
In our company we have found a perfect balance between competitive rates, efficient work and long relationships with our customers based on trust.

Responsive Design

The websites we develop are «Mobile Ready» and are automatically launched for optimal viewing on each screen size. Your website will be equally beautiful on your phone and desk.

Also on mobile devices and depending on usage goals, you can have specific functions and work as a web app.

Integration of ecommerce

We will help you determine the best system for your online store and integrate it into your new website with an excellent order manager, offers, means of payment, among many other features.

Technical support

We offer you reliable technical support for your website, which may include security updates, backups and content changes so that it is always up to date.


Premium WordPress

$ 4.500

WordPress content management system
Up to 15 pages (+ 150 – per additional page)
Unlimited Customization
Integration with Electronic Commerce
Search Engine Optimization
Integration with social networks
Integration of mailing lists
Photo galleries and videos
Google Analytics Integration
Custom Forms
Testing for quality control
SSL Security Settings
Domain Configuration and Migration
Pre-launch training
Support one month after launch



Integration with your email management system
Upcoming events page and booking
Integration with ecommerce systems
Blog of news and recipes
Reservation system for tasting room
Custom contact forms
Integration in social media
Video wallpapers
Photo galleries and videos
Custom fonts
Vineyard maps
Website analysis

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When should I pay?

As soon as we have the details of your project, you will receive from us a final budget for the work and an order of entry.

Half the cost of the project must be paid at the beginning with the approved income order and balance at the end of the work before launching your new website.

What defines a "page"?

A page has its own unique URL (URL), such as: and consists of sections, which have their own images, text content and other design elements.
Commonly refer to the parts of your website that are displayed in the main menu, such as About, News, Events, Contact, Blog; in which the set of its publications, Store; which shows all of their products for sale, etc.
In order for the site navigation to be simple and efficient for the user, we design structures to consolidate content in as few pages as possible.
Anyway, in our WordPress development package, with design of up to 15 pages, we do not consider page counting for some basic information such as company policies. In other cases such as blog posts or product pages for the store, they are considered as ONE regardless of the number of items.

What if I only need one landing page instead of one full version?

There are many reasons to make websites a single page, either for a site under construction or to create a landing page or landing page while developing a complete website.
In this case we will propose a special plan that allows a one page web site, for a limited time, to then project a complete website.

What is the working time for the design and development of a website?

This will depend on the workload we currently have, but once we have all the information of text and images, etc., we can start the work and project the launch of your site between 4 – 6 weeks depending on the size and rounds of revisions.
After your order is approved we will send you a timeline where we will define the revisions and deliveries specifically

What if I need a large-scale website for a wine region or several vineyards?

These websites are much more extensive than a website for a standard vineyard and should have additional features such as warehouse directories, reservation systems, etc.
The cost will depend on the breadth and characteristics and we can budget it in a special way.

Why do they create sites on WordPress?

We have specialized in the creation of websites in WordPress because it is the most powerful content management system that exists and has a constant development to improve it.
25% of all websites are supported on WordPress, including this one.
Plus it is much more customizable and easy to manage for customers.

Do you make graphic design for brands like logos, labels or packaging?

We have extensive experience in branding and we carry out any development as part of the process of corporate, institutional, brand and product design, iconography, etc.

What about domain names and hosting?

We can help you subscribe and renew your domain name, as well as implement a web hosting plan.
These values for the management of domain names and hosting are separate.

The estimated costs are:
Domain Name Registration: Averages $ 15.00 per year
Web hosting for WordPress Website: $ 50.00 per year
SSL Certificate: Free on WordPress websites on Siteground.

Do websites with third party designs?

Yes. Generally we manage all the work of designing and developing your website. However it is also among our services to develop and program your website from designs that you have approved with other designers and provide us.

What other services are needed beyond web design?

We have a wide variety of digital marketing services, email marketing, brand design, products, labels, packaging, etc., as well as the development of mobile applications to position your vineyard and products and attract customers
We invite you to browse our section of services, which have been specially designed for you.

I have a vineyard that only needs a basic website. Is there a package for this?

Yes, we have developed a discounted package only for vineyards that do not need to sell wine online or attract visitors to a tasting room. Please contact us for more information.